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FPZ anti-corrosion plastic self-suction pump

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86 (21) 3652 8716
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FPZ anti-corrosion plastic self-suction pumps
FPZ anti-corrosion plastic self-suction pumps


FPZ anti-corrosion plastic self-suction pump adopts reinforced polypropylene (PP) one-time injecting mould. With high mechanical strength and strong corrosion resistance perfomance, self-suction pump structure has unique scientificalness, inside pump chamber there are imbibition chamber, storage room, back liquid check valve, gas-liquid separation chamber, reflow hole. Only perfuse fluid before the first starting, and do not need to repeat from now on, when suction medium, liquid can be intermittence, break liquid can continue to suction within 15 minutes coming liquid, mechanical seal is not need for additional cooling water cooling, operation is simple and safe without leakage, is the best product that replaces submerged pump.


Impeller and axial integration, eliminate key skid and media intrusion metal shaft. Direct compact structure, high efficiency, linkage type adopts two-section type, shaft is convenient assembly, it applies to -10℃~90℃, flow: 11-50 m3/h, head: 18-32m, rotate speed: 2900r/min


Applicable to general alkali salt, chemical resistant, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, environmental protection, sewage disposal, inorganic salt etc industry.

performance parameters

type inletXoutlet (mm) flow Q (m3/h) head H (m) rotate speed (r/min) suction height (m) motor power P (kw)
25FPZ-10(D) 25×20 2.5 10 2840 5 0.55
32FPZ-11(D) 32×25 3.4 11 2840 5 0.75
40FPZ-18 40×32 11 18 2840 5 1.5
50FPZ-20 50×40 13 20 2840 5 2.2
65FPZ-25 65×50 26 25 2840 5 4
80FPZ-32 80×65 50 32 2840 5 7.5
100FPZ-40 100×80 100 20 2840 5 11
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